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G-moto is the official dealer of KTM, Husqvarna, and GAS GAS

Striving to make the Enduro safe and fun every single day

Our company is a group of experienced enduro lovers, striving to create a unique experience for our guests and friends.

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Reliable Bikes

Brand new bikes, 2023, fully protected for enduro and hard enduro.

Awesome Routes

Our professional guides will know the best routes for your level of riding.

Amazing Nature

Montenegro is an unexplored European diamond and waits for you to be discovered.


We offer rooms and apartments in our new hotel with a restaurant, garage, and parking. Also, we offer private apartments by the sea.

Support Vehicle

In every place and situation in Montenegro, we are there for you with a support vehicle and professional mechanics.

Experienced Guides

We are a group of experienced enduro lovers who will make your ride safe and fun!

Enduro Montenegro

Locations and Conditions

Safety first

When we talk about driving a motorcycle, the key thing is safety! In order to be safe and have the confidence to drive fast and without consequences, we must prepare the body for what awaits us. Dirt bike riding is a multi-functional discipline made up of many factors. Balance, breathing, fairing control, strength, perception, stretch, and traction are just some of the elements that are necessary to make the ride complete.

Take over control

In order to have control over the fairy tale, we need to be confident in ourselves, and in order to achieve this, we must bring our mental and physical readiness to the level of fully trusting ourselves. Our trainers are here to improve and combine all the necessary elements together with you in order to ensure safety and improve your driving.

Have fun

Two decades of experience in the physical preparation of professional spotters, the same amount of driving and competing in motocross and hard enduro is the invaluable experience of our trainers who will share all their knowledge with you, make your driving safe, and raise it to a higher level.

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Enduro Montenegro Tours
G-Moto ENDURO TOURS Grahovo, Montenegro. Telephone: +382 69 818818 Email:

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Great love and many years of experience in enduro, hard enduro, and motocross are the main inspiration and driving forces to share our project with all sports and nature lovers. The combination of continental and Mediterranean climates, an extraordinary configuration of different terrains, and impressive mountain peaks of over 2000 meters above sea level with access to the Adriatic Sea make Montenegro ideal for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Ranko Dabović

Team Leader

Ranko is a professional athlete and sports coach with a very dynamic experience. During twenty years of work in the world of sports, he developed a special passion for extreme sports, especially in motorcycle disciplines. He has been an active competitor in Pro Class Hard Enduro and Motocross for over fifteen years. A comprehensive approach to training and dedication to athletes is what characterizes his work and leads to the achievement of top results. Ranko's experience will help make your driving safer and take it to a higher level. Ride on! 🏁

Damnjan Damnjanović

Tour Guide

Damnjan is profesional Hard Enduro racer. He started racing by the age of 13 in an expert class and by the age of 16(2018) he became vice champion of Balkan in PRO class and national MotoCross champion. 2019 He was also vice-champion in the pro class. He is an experienced rider and has multiple Wins and podiums.

Viktor Lang

Tour Guide

If Viktor had to be presented relatively concisely, it would look like this. Viktor is first a mechanical engineer and, without false modesty, according to many, an excellent trained mechanic. In addition to his professional engagement with motorcycles, Victor also built his name on the sports front. Enduro and motocross disciplines alternated in parallel, but he had the most success in motocross, where he is a multiple, even four-time champion of Serbia and, therefore, the winner of the golden helmet. Altogether, the result was that Viktor is a versatile man ideal for carrying out, showing, rushing, and taking off, but also repairing the engine in every wilderness and adventure that we have prepared for all like-minded people and fans of motorsports. He is a member of the G moto team and makes the impossible possible with his colleagues.

Viktor Ivanović

Tour Guide

Viktor is a big fan of motorbikes and extreme sports. He spent his teenage years competing in motocross. By the age of 16, he was vice-champion in the smallest MX 65 class, a three-time MX 85 champion, won third place in the Eastern European Championship in the MX 85 class, and a two-time winner of the golden helmet. My love for motorbikes never went away. He is a cheerful and smiling type of competitive spirit, ready for a good ride and fun!

Enduro School

Enduro School is a program that teaches individuals how to properly ride enduro motorcycles. Enduro is a type of off-road motorcycle racing that combines elements of motocross and cross-country racing. The course typically includes instruction on riding techniques, navigation, and maintenance, as well as practice sessions on specially designed enduro tracks. The enduro school’s aim is to provide a safe and fun learning experience for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced racers.

Enduro/MX School

50€ / hour


  • Fuel
  • Equipment
  • Instructor

Available models

*price per day

  • KTM SX 85cc – 70€
  • KTM 2t tpi 250cc – 100€
  • KTM 2t tpi 300cc – 100€
  • GasGas EC 350F – 100€
  • Husqvarna 2t tpi 300cc – 100€
  • Husqvarna SX 4t 450cc – 150€

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